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I could never forget that day
When we were headed the same way
Filled with sweat and irritation
Yet it was the best sensation

Your face was rosy and sweet
As you stretched for that reach
Our hands held for a split second
I almost forgot the reason

I thought it was meant to be
But you were just paying the fee
That soft skin touched me
And I couldn't grasp reality

You got off without saying goodbye
It's as if you were even required
I watched you walk away
In the distance you faded

Everyday I prayed and wished
Hoping we would meet
I even got off where you left
Waited for hours in regret

Maybe if I got your name
After driving me insane
If I just said mine
Got off at the same time

Our story would've ended differently
But why would we cry over the past
When all of it remains a mystery
How I met my destiny

As I ponder, drinking my coffee
I would always think of what could be
Doing something unexpectedly
Maybe, just maybe, we could be

Hours went by so fast
I finished my last cup
Packed up my stuff
Ready to leave the shop

Then you came in to take my seat
In awe of such beauty
I couldn't find the words ro speak
Offered my spot for you to stay

I slowly walked away
Gathered the courage from within
To ask you one question
"Would it be ok to sit with you"

You responded in the sweetest tone
Sure, I am just waiting for my husband
My world slowly crashed
And I couldn't resist, I ran

"What was I thinking"
Is all that I could utter
After all, who's the loser
All I could do was accept

She would never be my girlfriend...

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