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Done With Me


Emotionally Drained

I hate the fact that I am alone

Or the feeling of emptiness

Lying empty beneath the throne

A shallow hole of darkness

I want you to be happy

Even if it isn't with me

Take you out for coffee

And cherish the memories

Watch you cry at night

Wipe those tears from your eyes

Hear you vent your emotions

Without showing my intentions

The simple gesture of being with you

Is enough to forget what is true

As each day would pass

Trying my best to make it last

Avoid getting attached

Since this may be the wrong path

I hate the fact that I can't do more

Hiding what's underneath the core

This may be because I am alone

With the feeling that you can't show

No matter what extent

You end up in his bed

Maybe its that charm that he has

Which I clearly lack

That charisma of some sort

I could only dream of

Destiny should take control

Some say make it your own

My interpretation of such

Honestly wouldn't be enough

Destiny works with mystery

You could wait and hope for the best

While watching the others mess

Praying that one day, it's me

Others would say create your own

But in every attempt, it creeps in

That failure is my only friend

Then again they say it isn't true

That maybe she wasn't for you

So what would be the right concept

In this world full of madness

Full of imperfection

Should I just watch you with him

And wait for destiny

Try my best to create my own

And watch me fall for nothing

Honestly its confusing

Hence, it isn't appealing

To just keep trying

Repeatedly failing

Maybe it would never work

Some people aren't meant for it

Should I just do neither

Watch my own world suffer

Maybe it's the fact that,

I just hate being alone...

© 2018 The Emotional Author

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