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Waiting on Nothing


Waiting in vain...

Would it still be my fault
Even if I took the fall
Tried in every way
To take all the pain away

Why would I not want to
If only you would let me in
That dark abyss, your feelings,
Be part of your reality

Although you wouldn't
Telling me I shouldn't
Giving mixed signals
Constant denial

What confuses me even more
Its like I am the one at fault
For liking someone like you
Even if it annoys you

You aren't ready to begin with
After what I have started
I tried to court you and all
You admitted your issues

I was willing to accept it
No matter what it is
Your family is the priority
Your biggest responsibility

I understand your point
I also have that choice
But even if it is on top
You were always my second shot

I wouldn't force you to change
Hold your hand through the chase
Your hopes and dreams to behold
Watching you mold

The dreams of your family
Is my dream as well
As long as I have you

I would never be unwell...