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I am tired of wondering why
All the maybe's and tries
The doubts in my mind
Memories that died

The fear of what if
All that could be
A ripple in time
My time to shine

To start the race
A difficult chase
Effort's and understanding
See who's left standing

The weary soul
Or the warrior behold
Taking everything head on
Tillthe break of dawn

Thinking if it matters
To maybe get my heart shattered
But how would I know
If I wouldn't give in

Maybe, just maybe
This time is different
She would notice
And appreciate

All the actions I would make
Love me in return
Without letting me crash or burn
Make me forget my fear

Be my only dear
All the letters and poems
Of emptiness and sadness
A shift from the stress

She would be all mine
My task to keep
Make her happy as she sleeps
No regrets take the leap

It's either the end or a bottomless pit...

© 2018 The Emotional Author

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