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The Youth It Glimpse in the Eternity of the Sea

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The youth it glimpse

Youth is glimpsed and its fleeting vitality,

it looks great, it flaunts gold, incandescent reflections of golden light.

The melodious hours of optimism and joy,
they intensify sweet and sour vanity.
The skin dances and emits magnetism of attraction and graceful movements.

The sea raises its waves, as if applauding the transitory age,
projecting a mirage of terrestrial and corporeal eternity.
Physical time exists on the material plane
and opens cracks of experience in the flesh.

New waves of time, presents new actors from different eras,
and history repeats itself... Young people from before are old people today.

And the young people of today will be in the future.
Earthly age of ephemeral youth and vain vanity,
thin essence that vanishes like smoke.

The intangible prevails, with the passing of years and experiences.
And true existence reigns without the skin.


The aquatic muse

My fingers no longer slip on the letters.
They no longer convey the expired emotion,
in the region of the non-existent...

Neither astrally nor physically.
sometimes my transparent hands emit,
the diaphanous of that madness.
that without haste tie me,
for squalid minutes of drowsiness.

Some looks chase, others harass,
nothing else matters to me. I look blind to the world.
and I live to the beloved dimension.

My female forms survive to the material,
and I escape from my body, with my lines intact,
I emit emotions that make those who feel it tremble:
tactile and non-tactile sensitive beings.
Love externalizes and breathes in the flesh and the spirit.


The youth and time

It is dramatic to contemplate the photos of yesterday of elderly people or those who have gone with God, in those images of the past, captured with all the magnitude of the reality experienced in that lapse of that second and printed as a reflection of a statue. Youth, beauty, and freshness overflow in every gesture of their faces, their eyes reflect indescribable luminescence poured from the sparkles of the sea.

Youth is paralyzed forever in the photos, in that dimension where the same events are always repeated. The videos frame the same surprising and exhibitionist effect, displaying the movements of those who today are stiff or immobile due to illnesses, with cracked skin thousands of years old. Yes! seem thousands of years old, it cannot be that the human being ages physically so fast. According to the Bible, people in ancient times lived for hundreds of years, up to almost a thousand years. 150 years could very well represent 25 years. Today it is sad to feel how time goes by so fast, without turning around to see us.

And to think that the same events happen to all human beings... When you're young, you only think about sex and dancing and that time will never pass, that youth is eternally embodied in the skin and that such will not decrease. It's amazing how time flies so fast.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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