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The Wolves I Cried With

I used to write a lot, but I stopped and now I'm writting again to express. no more repression.



Darling, why'd you leave in history?

Why must I endure, and live in stupor,

Innumerable suffering thus, I pity.

Thy eyes, lips, voice, I reminisce so pure

Dandelions I adore, lay me down

And I shall grieve, with the wolves I console.

Layered satin sheets may ease a sad clown

Asking judgement from unforgivig souls

Sometimes too naive, though romantic

Philisophical, unnerving, rough dimm'd

Our love had been catastrophic, manic;

we held hard till we're tired and grew timid

And yet I believe what we had was rare,

If to lose you forever, I can't bear.

© 2020 Psychely Keit Reyes

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