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The Wedding

The author probably loves, cares and cherishes her sibling. ha ha

I know I said that
"Mother loves and cares about you more"
I know I said
"I love and care for you too" in my mind
Couldn't leave my attitude aside to actually say that while we were always bickering,
It will be your day but I will dress like it's mine
End up with muscles cramps after dancing at your haldi ceremony,
It was like we were never apart
I might not get used to leaving without you so easily
But I might easily shed quite tears when you leave and say goodbye to me
With hazy vision I will look at you in the eyes and smirk while saying
"I won't miss you idiot"
Even you might laugh with tears in your eyes at the irony of my tears
May you remember our endless wheezing and not our punches
Or how I broke your glasses
Might never say to you on your face
But you matter a lot
If you wish to know how much you matter to me
Just find antonyms to my words
You are the worst sister.


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