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The Unfathomable Thoughts in the Shower

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All the words I want to tell thee In my poems, I set it all free


The bathroom knows our pain more than the other
Every time we close our weary eyes in the shower
To hide our bitter tears behind the water
That we choose to cover behind every laughter

I'm not carrying anything
But it feels like I'm lifting something
The unfathomable thoughts of overthinking
That eats my time meant for sleeping

The thousands of question I ask in the sky
Every drop of tears when I cry
It makes me vulnerable everytime
It makes me vincible anytime

The memories that I suddenly remember
Instead of water, it is tears I taste in the shower
Instead of singing and enjoying
Here I am crying and suffering
About the memories I always want to forget.

Those endless voice and thoughts that's so creepy
It weakens me and now I'm faulty
The slowly fading away of my sweet personality
Is inevitable just like the bitterness of mortality

© 2022 Jirojan