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The Ubiquitous Coco

By my writings, I hope to inspire you and make a difference in your life.


Root of Words,
words nourishing the soul.
Lumber of Love,
love building relations.
Foliage of Sacrifice,
buds heroism.
Husk in modest -
dark spots? Oh! not a burden.
Fruit of Chastity,
reaps divinity.
In battle called "Spirituality"
an Aegis to humanity.
In famishment or in sere,
Thy's our food and water.
to the ill - a cure.
What shall I to keep?
nothing more but FAITH!
Thou's no equal,
no one dares to be.
Open your eyes,
there's ubiquitous Coco...- the Life, the Tree.


© 2022 Sangie Ceneta