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The Truth: You Lied

You lied

With all your heart

By gathering all those sparkly words

Which can make one smile

You lied

About us

Being the best and forever one

Till the Earth summons us within

Oh you lied

For all that I gave


You lied

Wearing that smile

I lend you to have it

You lied

With those glittery eyes

Whom I filled with love

You lied about love

With faintest whispering

So it couldn’t reach my ear

I heard your hoax talks

And your firm lies

Strangling my heart

Until my eyes bleed the pain

Oh my beloved

You stuffed my heart

With anger, vengeance and hurtful talks

Until my soul shattered

Into tiny pieces

On the way, like light and soft rocks

You left me at the lone ground

Ground burning with heat

And edgy rocks all around

You still lied

About didn’t noticing my bare foot

You handed over me

A bunch of Euphorbia flowers

You secretly saw the thorns

Pricking my hands

Penetrating deeper and deeper

Making way through my flesh and blood

But you still chose to walk away

You sent me a immensely beautiful box

Wrapped in mesmerising cover

Glistening under the light

The box filled with your frightful and rotten fate

I accepted it with open arms

And twinkling smile

Oh my precious

You still lied

You stole away my magic

And sunshine

You left me like a wilting flower

Losing every dried petals

Day by day

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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