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Beauty of Truth: The True Beauty

Look at the ground under your feet,

The darkness grabs what is not lit;

Light offers a beautiful scene to eyes;

Beauty is something as a bird flies.

The vision of truth is a vision of light;

What is pure can't be darkness's bite.

The soul of a good being is to be lit,

A filthy touch can't dare to be at all fit.

I see the sun as my eyes can afford;

The looks of it make my eyes to hold.

But still the moon is there to be gazed;

It's cool enough and much to be amazed.

So, let me judge something that I know.

Why the moon is lighter than the sun or so.

I can't even glance at the brightest beam;

And the figures are little alike as they seem.

Beauty's something that attracts differently;

Some judge this nice and some that lovely.

But, the true vision can't be at all silly.

The reality of truth is nice and can't be ugly.

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