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The Torture of Words

David is a digital designer and programmer by trade. He loves to write down ideas, wisdom and philosophy through article and poem creation.

Of all the words to which mean something to none,

however brilliant to minds that see beyond some.

It doesn't matter to how you play the game,

as seekers of worlds read a different play.

Honouring the sentences made to be gay,

but weeping the tears of grey,

make them a notion of deliberate devotion,

you don't understand the connection of commotion.

Torture as seen in the mind,

with no experience of the pain from the divine.

Makes you a reader that is waiting to be unlocked,

be free from your mind,

make no mistake of your kind.

A hindrance to time with no clock,

no understanding of what day it is from a watch.

Given to you by an adult of trust,

knowledge of what you are still to seek,

before you can unlock the secret of


Words You, I, mean?

It matters not to this journey of nothing,

but something,

or everything,


© 2018 David Irvine

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