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The Things That Matters Most

Poeticnurse is a Student Nurse studying for her BSc at the university of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


Things That Should Matter Most.

You see things?
The time is come when
we'll have no need of it,
when our legs will be so weak
and our body ready to be buried
in the city beneath the earth,
when this body will be a feast for worms,
and the heavens will open it's arms to us,
when the hearts we've blessed
and hurt will mourn us farewell,
when the things we've built will mean nothing
and the lives we've changed will mean everything.
You see things?
burn the desires of it,
Burn it to ashes,
and let our hearts be filled
with much love for everyone
where we'll give and be given,
For the time will come
when we'll have no need of them
and the lives we've blessed and loved
Will be everything that counted at last!

© 2019 Poeticnurse

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