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Home is where the heart is

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

Home is where the heart is - Tania Yakunova

Home is where the heart is - Tania Yakunova


I looked at the High School building
And captured the quiddity of that moment
Uniforms and pigtails, a new year, fifth grade
'Remind yourself of this transition, this day, this phase
The ataraxia of change
The terrifying pace at which things have panned
Feeling four, tell reality it better scan
What age is, what time or space is, happiness amidst
those who disdain is, everything I think I become and so today is,
Today is...

20:29 1/28/2019 What's in a name?

Back to a feeling, I worked hard to forget
Back to a tavern, I don't want to attend
Back to the folly, to a regret. Vortex
In the spiral, the anguish, the angst
The curse of those who feel deeply, then deeply perplexed
For a world so heartless, deceitful, and wrenched
It depletes me. Defeats me. Depress
How many times do you relive the same moments?
Dear pigtailed girl, too wise for your age
Forgive me. I failed you again

'Be that friend to yourself that you wish to have'

A disciple of my own
A devote of my soul
A guardian of me, the Kohinoor
You don't need anybody, you don't need to be anybody
So don't settle for anything ordinary
What's a moon, a flower, a portrait of me by every other author
By those incognizant of their own demonic devours
Miles away from their core, liars by the hour
Save your story for a mislead maiden
Some boundaries are funny, but this wall must stay still
Where I shall grave in..

The Ten Commandments

1. Mobility is Motivation
Don't wait for time or inspiration.
Rolling stone. No stagnation

2. Work is forever, love fleeting
Emotions are deceiving
Solitude breeds creation

3. You are all you take to the grave
Monetary possessions, people or fame
Can't pass, transcend time and space

4. Shed tears alone. Rise and repeat
Show no weakness to lovers or enemies
And when I'm back, I'm in till I cease

5. Remember the pain
The needles, the agony, the shame
Let none penetrate your skin the same

6. You are all you will ever have
A God capable of any stance
Invincible, exceeding a gazillion grand

7. Be yourself, Be ugly
Unabashed, unapologetically
Their opinions can witness my apathy

8. The world owes you nothing, not a drop
Expectations bring dismay, breeds chaos
'The world forgetting by the world forgot'

9. Happiness is all things small and big
Search for eternity or find it within
Pass on the smile, refrain from the ill

10. Live. Every tiny moment, every stretch
Learn from the past, don't sweat about the next
Love. Even after you've been torn to shreds

'We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us'

© 2019 W h o I s I

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