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The Stupid Freedom ...

The stupid freedom ...

The stupid freedom ...

She is .. my conversations I and friends
About home about traffic lights
Stop signs and vanity
And I was asking .. about authority
Or for some abuses
But I regretted the question
Because the response is as harsh
Even I am in my sports suit
I can stop you and take a license
'( Oh really )
Stop stop. The audience laughs
You who read you can trill

No . He and his luck
We have spoken to him with reason
He answered us. Of the survival of rotting cells
From a skull surrounded by stupidity
Is not this colonization deep in meaning
You want us fools or you
You are stupid, but you do not know
Is the stupid freedom industry
Registered signs of. The intellectual maze
Juicer. The bottom has passed all the exams
And absorb the anger of the street
And between the folds of spring and decay
Convincing unemployment is codified project
To destroy a dear homeland to subdue it
In moving sands
Beneath it stupid people pull
Everything is beautiful in this home
Only stupid freedom because it (seal)


© 2018 tabouche amin

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