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The Stranger Within


Stranger Within.

She looked cold and worried while she sat quietly

On the street bench.

The summer sun sweetly

Made the ice cream she had on her hands melt.

Her chary looks signified her inner self in the deep abyss

Of her previous feelings for him.

And the good looking stranger walked by and touched

Her thoughts with his simple salutation

The sheepish smile, told a lot about her current situation.

He headed towards the bench and made a belch

And he felt sorry for his unpardonable manners,

Which turned into giggles and infectious smiles of the


The ice cream leaps from her soft and tender babylike hands as she moves a swift trying to save the

Remaining melts which also kissed the ground.

The day of a sad flower made again,

When the giggles of the stranger saves the day.

She moves a distance allowing him sit beside her,

Watching the gaze of the new budding excited phase,

And the sun set reflecting its amber rays

On the happy faces of strangers who just met.

© 2022 Millicent Okello

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