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Insomniac: The Stars are Falling Tonight

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The Stars are Falling Tonight

And I am looking for someone from faraway
A distant love I am hoping to forget
But in the vastness of the night
He always come like the warm rays of sunrise

The unwelcomed but a wanted visitor of my phantasm
Something I wanted to takeaway but I wish to stay
Something that fuel my hallucinations
Something like... You?

While I stand here alone in this lonely balcony
Looking into the nothingness and to the sky
I smile, the stars are falling tonight
And my heart yearns for him

My delusional mind is winding his name
While his face had been the wraith of my life
It's hard to find you
It's hard to forget you

The stars are falling tonight
And into the deep skies
I wanted to bury my feelings
As my tired heart wanted to rest.

© 2019 Crezyl