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The Smiles We Left Behind

My name is Ruby, and I live in southern Il. I love to write rhyme, poetry, and fiction.

Jackie, my son.

Jackie, my son.

Time Passes So Fast

It seems like only yesterday when you were just a little cotton head boy

We grew up together, like two kids enjoying a new found toy

So many memories returning, like the time you were stung multiple times when you had to see the beehive that appeared overnight in our back yard tree

I remember grabbing you and rushing to the hospital, feeling sure you would forever be an amputee

I remember your first day at school, you wouldn't let me leave

So, I stayed all day, you looking back, checking if I was still there and looking so relieved

I remember the day we went to the gym to select the musical instrument you thought you had to own

The anger on your face when the salesman mistook me for a student and asked me what I wanted to play, your comment " You don't look like a student. What you gonna' do order a trombone?

Those were all happy days, childhood, high school, your first love, your first car

That made you the happiest by far

My first grandchild, what a wonderful gift of love

Now you've gone home to heaven to find new strength above

Your terrible cancer fought a persistent battle and won

You're now in heaven mingling with loved ones and having some much needed fun

My life will go on and I'll forever miss your smile

But we'll see each other again, watch for me just for a little while.

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