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The Secrets She Hides Deep Within a Smile


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So radiant and beautiful like the ray of sunshine so bright

Reflects to her every adorning feature seldom uptight

Must always be close then all feels alright

Spreads so much love never limits for a second

Answers to your call whenever you beckoned

An unspoken promise to always be there in a split second

Holding you close while touching your chin

Giving you advice guiding away from sin

From the strength of her wisdom that comes from within

The worry she holds shows on each wrinkle and line of her skin

Each crease holds a story, may take a while, where to begin

Through her eyes is troubles that hide

Turmoil and worry chaotic inside

Gives you a chance to vent, though defied

Always puts her feelings aside

In your defense its justified

Not forgetting how she blanketed her pride

Can’t even begin to be quantified

The secrets she holds within a smile

Deep inside and been kept for a while

Walk a day in her shoes, can you manage the mile

She does it for you, to her it’s worthwhile

You have to admit she’s done it in style

The question I ask without stubbornness and denial

Would you do the same when she’s old and senile?

Remember what I told you each time you see a smile

We sometimes disregard people’s feelings, taking for granted on who is allowed to feel any sense of emotion. Remember there are some going through much more but will never want to burden with their stories. Always be careful of how you tread, though you vent and move out of sight doesn’t mean that it’s out of one’s mind.

© 2020 Mitara N


Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 13, 2020:

Hi Laurie,

Your thoughts are profound, I thank you for your generous comment.

The thoughts and feeling in ones day to day, is difficult to express as there are so many to explore.

We do this all from within and what we show on the outside does not even touch on the real depth.

Always appreciate your comment

Take care, keep well and be safe

Laurie S Novak from Michigan on April 13, 2020:

Thank you for diving deep to express what I believe, we as women, all share are these universal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your expression of words is something I find I resonate with. Thank you.

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 12, 2020:

Hi Flourish, so many feelings entranced, like each and every one of us.

Thank you for your wonderful comment, always appreciated

Take care, keep well and be safe

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 11, 2020:

This portrays her as a thinking, feeling person rather than just a painting. I like your take on things.

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 11, 2020:

Hi Liz,

There was a lot of thought and feeling overwhelming my mind during the write.

I thought best to use Mona Lisa taking in the painting itself, what lies behind the smile, we never knew what she was thinking or going through, just a painting to express.

In the same breath, expressed to that of a mother.

Thank you for your wonderful comments, always appreciated.

Take care, keep well and be safe

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 11, 2020:

My thoughtful and good friend Lorna,

You have captured the essence of this poem exactly to the write, in comparison to a mothers unlimited love and feeling, so pure, so calm but what goes on behind is a battle that is finding ways to overcome without causing any burden to another.

Appreciate your wonderful comments always.

Keep well, take care and be safe

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 11, 2020:

My wonderful friend Ruby,

Similar to each one of us, we never know what the next is thinking or going through behind, like you say a forced smile.

We go along our merry way in silence, pent up emotion causing one to get sick or vented in a way of destruction.

We are all human, but sometimes we forget the equality and balance to it all.

Appreciate your engaging comment

Keep well, take care and be safe

Lorna Lamon on April 10, 2020:

I felt this poem described a mother's limitless love and how she hides her worries behind a smile, so that you don't have to worry. We should always be aware of what we say because a person will never forget how you make them feel. A wonderful poem with a perfect painting Mitara.

Liz Westwood from UK on April 10, 2020:

This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking poem. I like the Mona Lisa illustration too.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 09, 2020:

Mona Lisa, I always wonder what's she's thinking? Too many of us hide behind a forced smile. I know I've held anger in until I couldn't hold it any longer. Pent up emotions will make you sick. Another thought provoking hub that I will dwell on.

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 09, 2020:

You have expressed the essence to the detail of the piece in your comment so well.

There are so many layers from pent up sadness, frustration, highlights of happy moments or breakthroughs, many things that you can't help but cry it out. If we can't share, sometimes crying helps to a certain extent.

We at times forget how we address overwhelming issues, could end up being taken out on a poor underserving soul on the receiving end.

At the same time we hide behind our true feelings, we smile and try to move forward.

Thank you for your exceptional wealth of insight, your comments are always valued and appreciated Kyler.

Your appreciation to the piece is well received.

Keep well, take care and always be safe.

Kyler J Falk from California on April 09, 2020:

Too many people forced to wear a muzzle, lest those they care for walk away when they finally get to vent. Pent up frustration takes its toll, and eventually they learn to ignore their muzzle, perhaps even to enjoy such a burden of silence. The beauty and strength in the pain behind it, that is what I want to have placed upon my shoulders. I want those who have been muzzled to let me remove it, and in turn I want them to remove mine. Oh, but how the pain of others can so quickly overwhelm us and what was once heartfelt begins to taint everything it touches....

So many layers of thought to this one, Mitara, so many joys and sorrows. I can't choose how to feel, perhaps shed a tear of both celebration and sadness.

Truly, a roller coaster of a poem. Absolutely splendid.

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 09, 2020:

Hi Eric

Your words are well received, I thank you for your appreciation to the detail of the piece.

Take care and be safe

Mitara N (author) from South Africa on April 09, 2020:

Hi Nell,

I am humbled by your kind words, and appreciate the essence you felt brought into the piece.

Appreciate your comments always

Take care and be safe

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on April 09, 2020:

Nicely done. Such a great message. I like the cadence.

Nell Rose from England on April 09, 2020:

I love it! something totally different. And I love the painting. What do they call it? Enigmatic!

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