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The Secrets She Hides Deep Within a Smile

Finding my inspiration through the voice of music and poetry. Being creative and finding ways in making life easier and smarter for others.


So radiant and beautiful like the ray of sunshine so bright

Reflects to her every adorning feature seldom uptight

Must always be close then all feels alright

Spreads so much love never limits for a second

Answers to your call whenever you beckoned

An unspoken promise to always be there in a split second

Holding you close while touching your chin

Giving you advice guiding away from sin

From the strength of her wisdom that comes from within

The worry she holds shows on each wrinkle and line of her skin

Each crease holds a story, may take a while, where to begin

Through her eyes is troubles that hide

Turmoil and worry chaotic inside

Gives you a chance to vent, though defied

Always puts her feelings aside

In your defense its justified

Not forgetting how she blanketed her pride

Can’t even begin to be quantified

The secrets she holds within a smile

Deep inside and been kept for a while

Walk a day in her shoes, can you manage the mile

She does it for you, to her it’s worthwhile

You have to admit she’s done it in style

The question I ask without stubbornness and denial

Would you do the same when she’s old and senile?

Remember what I told you each time you see a smile

We sometimes disregard people’s feelings, taking for granted on who is allowed to feel any sense of emotion. Remember there are some going through much more but will never want to burden with their stories. Always be careful of how you tread, though you vent and move out of sight doesn’t mean that it’s out of one’s mind.

© 2020 Mitara N