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The Season of Endings and Conclusion: Autumn


I stepped outside

To see the world clearer

And to hear the mumbles

Of the wind

To feel the waves of wintry breeze

On my bare face with delight

I was standing beneath the brightest sky

Hearing the striking song of autumn singers

The golden crowned sparrow, Pine Siskin, Northern flicker and Robins

Breaking the silence with their chirps

Indicating the changing seasons

I saw the fall flowers blooming at distant

Making their unique colours visible

The yellow and red pansies

Stained my soul

With all the colours

And greet me by dancing on the beat of wind

Oh the purple, pink and white Aster flowers

Covering the entire landscape beds

Surrounded by hungry bees and butterflies

Sinking and settling with the beauty inside

The perfect purple fountain grass

Ablaze with energy

With burgundy-purple foliage

Making the sky looks more beautiful

Just like an old ancient painting

Red Dianthus and purple sweet Alyssum

Has marked their territories with

Great fragrance

And creep along the ground

To make beautiful carpet for land

Celosia brightened the land

Enchanted me with rare beauty

With their red and orange flame like blooms

Later I walked through the long forlorn road

Covered with fallen leaves

Of Oaks, Maples, Dogwoods and black Tupelo

And the sound of their rustle

Makes the road looks so dramatic and beautiful

I loaded my empty bag

With orange, yellow and Red leaves

Fallen on the ground

Shedded by their own trees

So hugging the earth for frantic grieves

While picking those left alone leaves

I saw bunch of bugs and worms

Like Boxelder, Asian lady beetle, earthworms

Sleeping under the pile

Thriving for dark, moist and cool place

The Shagbark Hickory trees

With yellow foliage

Resembles the golden gate of heavens

I laid under the shade of American Sweet gum

To read the stories of love and eternity

I sat beneath the Sugar Maple tree

To gather information about

“How to preserve the fall leaves”

I went back to my home

Enjoying the season fall

With hot cocoa

And warm clothes

Now each days being shorter than last

To encounter all the countless scores of beauty

And cold nights being longer

To recall and write all about the beauty encountered

With joy

- Srushti Gamit

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald


© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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