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The Rejection I Felt

Sulean Joshua pka son of Grace is a student of federal university oye ekiti from the department of doctor of pharmacy 100level


This is just like a story
Obviously on the way to glory
There come times you act fine
Just to keep moving in the line

It hurts having so much friends
But none to show you care
Face hard times with endurance
No one to shower assistance

"Only an oily hand finds attraction
Never agreed to the saying
Till I became PHD holder in detection
Collision occured and my strength is breaking

Then what happened to karma's law?
For anything that goes round comes around
Still Looking forward to fighting with my claw
For all I have sown did not pay

© 2021 Son of Grace


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on September 20, 2021:

You made me remember what Isaiah says in chapter 49 verse 4...Life sometimes could be full of travails nonetheless if we hang on, things will turn around positively. Good work.

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