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The Rain Reigns


Rain's Reign

I look up to the skys

And see the clouds dance

Waiting for the rains to reign

For the sun has stayed in summer.

A sleeping dog lifts its ears

As it has sensed the coming rains

Slowly, it slides its front limbs

And imagine the cloud still far

Away from thunderstorms and lightning.

A mother calls for her children.

Shouting at the top of her lungs

She dreams to keep them safe

From the whistling wind

That blows her skirt swiftly.

Delighted that the rains are here,

The children jump in joy.

Because they yearn to feel the first

Droplets of the rain ready to reign.

A father rushes home from hustle,

He peddles his bicycle fast.

His folded and unbuttoned shirt

Speaks the distance he has covered.

He moves his heavy head

With the rhythm of the bicycle sound

And up the hill he climbs

Hoping to beat the rain about to reign.

A sudden and heavy fall begins,

And everyone rushes into the house.

The children, quickly climb to the seats

To watch from the window the fall.

The sound of hail stones

Make them more happy,

As they scramble to see the rain reign.

Their excitement turns to silence,

When the thunder storms and

Lightning strikes.

Their eyeballs

about to godge off their sockets,

And they scatter for safety

under the table.

A mother brings jackets to her

Children, for summer is long gone.

The father folds his arms in distant

And waits for hot coffee.

Since the rain is here to reign,

Slowly the children slumber in

Their safe place away from the

Thunder and lightning scares.

And they wait for the rainy season to reign.

© 2020 Millicent Okello