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A Prisoner of Thoughts Without a Bail

Misbah has done her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has access to a wide range of mental health experts who treat mental illness.



Cautionary Note:

The article includes a story about a girl who committed suicide, which, in my opinion, is not recommended in the Quran, and neither the poem nor the prose is meant to condone such actions.

Violence is a Crime

There are several cases of women who have experienced violence in their relationships. That isn't to say that violence is only perpetrated by men. There are some women that do this as well. However, the focus of this article is on women who are victims of abuse.

There are many different sorts of violence. It could be physical, emotional, psychological, or a combination of these factors.

When I witness women being treated terribly, even if they are absolutely sincere and faithful in their relationships, my heart breaks. This is a pretty common occurrence across the world. Violence can be found in any part of the world, east or west.

After watching a video of a girl, I decided to write this poem. She committed suicide as a result of difficulties in her relationship. The girl was married to a man from a low-income family. Her husband was pressured by her in-laws to divorce her or demand a dowry.

This is very sad but in my opinion, it is a very common practice in some Asian countries. In the last few years I have seen similar cases in Europe as well.

Dowry, a centuries-old custom, involves a woman's family paying her new husband's family. It is still prevalent in parts of South Asia, the Middle East, parts of Africa and in some communities in Britain.

Dowry is a term that is used to describe the transfer of money, property, or gifts from a woman's family to her husband and his family upon their marriage. In my opinion, dowry is an abusive practice in and of itself. It should be banned worldwide.

Unfortunately, there is still no strict law prohibiting such heinous abuse. It is not only an abusive act, but also a crime.

Every year, thousands of women died as a result of domestic violence. What bothers me is how anyone can live after learning that someone died as a result of their abuse or mental instability or let's say greed.

I believe there should be seminars around the globe to prevent such acts of violence, and I am confident there are already many.

Silence is also violence

Silence is also violence

Her Video Message

The video of the girl was really heart-breaking . There she conveyed a message to her parents and as well as to her husband that I am fed up and tiered of my married life.

According to the police report, the girl spoke with her husband for 72 minutes before committing suicide. She worked hard to make her relationship last and to persuade him. Her husband advised her not to commit suicide, but if she is going to do so, she should record and upload a video. One can easily interpret this to mean, that he wanted to avoid future problems if she died. That's heartless. How can someone say something like this to anyone?

She passed away, but the question is, Is he happy now? Can he live a peaceful life? Will these thoughts not bother him?

One can never judge, as Allah knows best, and all is His Will.

Her Story in Words

One day she will write him a letter,

In which her words will bleed.

The colour of Ink will be blue,

But he will see it red,

This would be no hallucination.

The moment he reads a word,

It will start to drop like a tear-drop,

He will move the paper-tilt, to stop

It from falling. Soon it will become two,

Because one will roll out of his eye.

She will write her story on paper;

It will take him to a journey, one

Where he will find pain, and anxiety

And seeing her still smiling...

At first, it will be a big confusion,

Then there will be confession.

In the statement it will be said,

That these worries made her go mad.

His world would be bitter once he

Knows it, the fear made sure that

She lost it, her life wasted,

Soon he will open his eyes, saying:

"Thank you, God, I was just dreaming."

He will come closer to see if she is breathing,

That moment he will lose his heart …

He will cry and say:

"She is no more; death took her away!"

Now he will understand her pain,

How she wasted her life in vain.

This caged bird will have flown to

Jannah, but then he will be caged,

A prisoner of thoughts without bail...

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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