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Give Me a Line

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  • O light,give me a line

a line of joy and life

a line of wisdom bright

the night Is gone and the day has come

the peaceful era of poems

  • O depth,give me a line

a line so clear and blest

a line form ancient crest

this beauteous morning tells me 'tis nigh

the blessed era of poems

  • O fount, give me a line

a line from knowledge wave

a line of love, I crave

lo! Stars in the morn, glittering stars

the golden era of poems

  • O myst'ry ,just one line

one precious, perfect line

one line from spirit realm

for I can see from a cloudy height

the promised era of poems

  • Blest spirit of the poets

descend on me, I call

cross the great, great divide

for 'tis time to write, 'tis time to see

the great poetic era

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