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The Perfect Imperfections

Kulsum Afia is my pen name. I am currently doing my MD residency. I write only on topics that inspire me. Hope you enjoy my work !

They arranged it all for us,

The meeting, the wedding and everything else in between,

You say it was always destined to be thus,

Even if we had been separated by mountains, oceans and the green.

You are the poem I wrote when alone,

You are my beacon of light as I embrace the unknown,

Giving up life as I have known and starting afresh,

I am happy it’s with you and no one else.

Oh definitely you are not perfect,

But, I have for you a great amount of respect,

For your ideals, for what you believe in and for your pearls of wisdom,

You complete my symphony, and minus the chaos from my rhythm.

I want to share all of life’s shades with you,

The black, the white and the gray,

The colours of the holidays and the Monday’s morning blue.

For forever, today, tomorrow and everyday.

With each passing moment,

I fall in love with you a little bit more,

Fall may not be the right word, I am not sure,

For your love makes me high above soar.

I may not say it enough,

But you have begun to mean the world to me,

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hold my hand through life’s ups and downs, highs and troughs,

Together for a lifetime, tomorrow and today.

I pray for happiness together in this life and the hereafter,

For you make me believe, happily ever afters do exist,

Like the blue waves that crash on the shore and the beaches oh so sunkissed.

Feels like it was always meant to be,

Not me, not you, but we,

You never did any of the fancy gestures, never got down on one knee,

Yet I cannot imagine, someone more perfect than thee.

When you see your prayers being answered in the form of a person,

And you look back at life, its learnings and lessons,

You realise the answer was never a no, but a just not yet,

He was making you wait, for far greater things ahead.


© 2018 Kulsum Afia

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