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The Past Isn't The Present

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Only We Can Decide To Make It Different

Years pass and we learn so much more than before

There are things that happened that we stomp on

Every chance we get

To be human is to be a person

That we don't always understand or accept

Constantly being influenced by television and the movies

Newspapers and magazines

The wonderful world of books

Our family and the roots that travel deep

Coworkers on and off the job

Close friends and distant acquaintances

Now we have the beauty of the internet

Who do we trust ?

What people say and have told us or our own instincts

I have weaved a combination of all that I have experienced

Bringing my passion and dreams

Unrealistic to the outside world

When the taste in your mouth turns bitter

Being true to myself

Finding my creative energies

In writing where my mind turns on and my thoughts emerge

Instead of turning to alcohol and drugs

Gambling or another addiction

I face the highs and lows

With an uncertainty I am willing to accept

A balance that is hidden under the surface

What we see is not what we think it is

If you bet on yourself you can never lose

Working long and hard

Knowing what I like

Then I find ways to enjoy what I have

Keeping all options open

Constantly reworking every possible situation in my mind

Following my feelings

Searching and finding new understanding

Sleeping it off

Only to be happy

To see

Life is a lot like the weather

Cold and harsh one minute

Then sunny and bright the day after

In life we may end up at a different place than we had planned

Only to find out that we have had

What we always wanted and never knew

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