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The Pandemic Pandora's Box


It scared when it came in,

Many locked inside not to see

The outside world.

The box kept us safe from harm

Yet we remained touched at hearts.

Many liked it, but some never

Dared to touch not even dream

About it.

It knocked unexpectedly

Even the neighbours opened the

Doors to look at it and confirm .

Sadly, it didn't become friendly

It attacked them all

Some cried for fear, others bent their

Backs backwards to be safe.

The children became scared,

It became their nightmares,

Creeping up during the day and night,

They fought with determination to rise,

Not to be seen lost in their ways.

And the parents went extra miles

Away to look for survival,

Until it was late at night,

Doing two extra jobs to help

Beat the bills that accumulated daily.

And food became scars but not too little

To feed a mouth.

And they fought in their thoughts

Trying to find who opened,

The pandora's box unfortunately.

© 2020 Millicent Okello

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