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The One that Got Away

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Ali is a young writer who lives in Manila, Philippines. She has the heart for words and soul for poetry.


Flickering lights as we walked beside the road that night

I remember you asking me if I want to hold your hand

I had doubts and racing horses in my chest

But anyway, I said yes

We always slept in the library in separate tables

We love to calculate complicated equations

I danced awkwardly during PE

You sing so badly

We've met like lighting and thunder

We've found each other during our thunderstorm

I was drowning with fury, sadness and hell memories

You were holding bombs, shattered hopes and loss

We celebrate our miseries

Share our beautiful tragic stories

You've sent me letters of care

I gave you my fragile heart

Our souls are connected like you're the half of me

Our words collided like notes in music sheet

We have the same ghosts we laugh to them with bitterness cries

That’s when I knew, I would’ve give the world for you

I learned to love the lines and wounds on your fair skin

You're body sent shivers to my skin

I have loved you for what you've made of

You complete me

But our mind is pretentious

We thought love could fix the deepest scar life had inflicted us

We thought love heal the wounds of the past

Our love never did

Just remember, I love you more than you can fathom

I love your pale skin and dry lips

I love how much you play with words you made my stomach aches with laughter

I love you so much I don't know how to unloved you

I should have made you stay

I should've dealt with moments I started being sad with you

I should’ve ignored my pride and begged you to love me longer

I should'nt have let you slip the night you said you have to let me go

© 2019 Ani

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