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The Old Pages

I am a medical student fond of writing poems, articles, stories and essays.


The pages of my old book,
Hold my memories of yesterday.
Every smile, every tears,
Every person who came my way..
Every challenges that I faced..
Every heartbreaks
Every small smile which used to
hide my tears and pain...
Each and every loving person.
who surrounded me with a helping hand
I didn't stop in storm that shattered everything.....
I didn't stop myself to dive the sea of
challenges and failures that
takes me to the shore of my dreams..
Many of them left my hand...
Many of stand by my side...
This time I dive by myself...
I take my own responsibility ...
I find my own happiness
I love walking alone flapping
my wings apart flying high
in the sky of my happiness....
where no one question me by asking
Why can't you change?
because this is me
this is what Iam.

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