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The New Prince of Darkness, a Poem.

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Now comes a greater deceit,
a weapon designed to defeat,
the enemy, the great deceiver,
he will fall and die forever.

Drugs, sex, rock, and roll,
black magick takes its toll,
on the enemy, it's alright,
to act this way in the fight.

Seize the stars from evil hands,
chaos and rebellion in demon lands,
the demoness can be redeemed,
a wedge into demonry, as it seemed.

Usurp Satans' authority and power,
this man has brought the hour,
a man with greater allies than all,
all living things answer his call.

This lord will rule all satanic slaves,
will seduce all satanic maids,
a lord who will live forever,
a lord approved by Jehovah.


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