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The Munchies During Lockdown

Change is an inevitable part of life. It also allows us to re-evaluate our priorities and forces us to be innovative and to adapt.


We all need a spoil,

Every once in a while,

We social, we gathered

Nothing did it matter,

The love and the cheer

Some would have it

With a pint of beer

Now it’s all so vacant

And oh so clear

Oh, how I miss the dance

On my taste buds

From the food that you baste

I picture and feel the taste

Just in one bite,

It’s a warm embrace

I could never forget the smell

And the decadence in every bite

Made without haste,

On a good note this period of time

Is thinning my waist,

Was always with a side of fries

And some onions all caramelise,

You may hold me to that

My waist never lies

Yes, there is a another way

When one is busy,

You made a plan for take-away,

There should of been a Plan "C" ahead

How do we get it?

Should of thought of that,

A bit more instead

Can’t imagine the distance and space

Did you ever think

This is what you would face,

Leaves me with food for thought

How to recover, the cash flow is naught

Now all we do is plan well ahead

We all miss your flavours,

Its something we sought

Food for thought

Let's be honest we all need a spoil, with a night off from cooking every once in a while. We all have our favourite food courts that we ever so often visited, with flavours close to home.

It’s such a shame that most food run stores had to close down, being their only means of cashflow, but I think these trying times, will get us to think much broader. To plan accordingly as we look ahead.

© 2020 Mitara N