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The mother of the Groom: Poem


A wedding is a glorious thing that oft begins with a diamond ring.

It brings together family and friend to celebrate the engagement’s end.

The mother of the groom has a special role to play and tries to remain happy and gay.

Her baby’s leaving with someone new, his empty room can leave her blue but she always knew this day would come and nothing else could be done.

The mother of the groom sees through saddened eyes, the future and how fast time flies.

She’s watched him grow and shed a tear but knows his future now is here.

Her role as mother is never done but takes on a new role for him and his special one.

Her son is giving her a new daughter, one to cherish one who may falter,

One who needs her special care only when they ask her there.

She must be ready but never overbearing they will always need her love and caring.

The mother of the groom has a special role to play and tries to remain happy and gay.

She's the groom's mother unlike the other; the mother of the bride all look at with pride.

She must be gracious to all who come and give her smile to everyone.

She must not let her sorrow show or ever let her tears overflow.

It’s time to be happy and time to be gay as she watches her son move away.

The Forgotten Member of the Wedding.

The mother of the groom is often forgotten, even by the groom, on any wedding day. All eyes are on the bride and with that her mother. Yet, the mother of the groom is just as important as the mother of the bride, after all, there would be no wedding without either of these wonderful ladies. She may not be the center of everyone's attention, but it might be a good idea to give her the credit she deserves. She certainly worked just as hard at getting this wedding to take place. In fact, in many instances she had to learn to exercise control and not speak when she wanted to. She may have had to keep her opinions to herself for the sake the wedding and her son.

Commercially, she is well thought of. Many bridal shops cater to mother of the groom dresses, but that's just a money making ploy. Who else caters to the mother of the groom? Probably not even the groom himself. Understandably he is consumed with his bride and his wedding day. However, who got him there in the first place? Never mind the in-law dilemma, the mother of the groom should get equal billing with the mother of the bride!

So, when you go to the next wedding, remember the mother of the groom and give her a special hug.

© 2011 Mary Craig

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