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The Mortal Home


Home is a place where the heart can be free, a house draped in mortality,

Unhindered when the soul is clear, awakened to premises and not just promises,

Contrast is essential for the intellect to thrive in order to be sustained by thoughts,

Home is internal, even if the external is interrupted, Inside lies the foundation

for building the mortal home that only you can reside,

All other company should dwell outside,

Time can never rescind the domicile where the breath can never pretend,

Thought is arrested and admonished, not to produce a repeat offender,

in word or in deed, in heart at home, the mortal abode,

Reside and abide at home, lay the welcome mat for yourself,

knowing that where else are you always needed but at home

within the mortality of your being, whoever you are, could be a she or a he,

ascertain your own presence to your own mortal self,

Who knows you better than you know yourself,

Why give away the power of self to anyone else,

They will never be equipped to use you, as you can use yourself,

Just make an error that cannot be accepted, but it can be corrected,

who will have to hold the bag, but mortal self, expressed or unexpressed,

Through hardship and sorrow, sin and unrepentance because of this gross error,

To be or not to be, is the mortal question,

If I am successful in answering, I can receive the key,

to open the door to my mortal abode, the key is repentance

The correction I need daily to change how I think and feel,

There are too many rooms in mortality that only one key unlocks,

Freedom of the spirit and the soul and to keep mortality in order,

It is a mansion of belief, where royalty is not an enigma, for the regal soul and spirit,

The light of the heart is love on every level, pure and genuine, sure and true,

The place of home is really in me, Immortality "I'm mortal" I dwell in this my mortal

home, It is the only home I really know.

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