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The man I Never Expected to Come

The man I've never expected to come

I was then a clueless young woman,
Who never expected to have such a man-
So gentle, sweet, and caring in his own cute ways,
'twas a whole different world for me until we met each other's soft gaze.

Truly words are powerful 'cause words connected us,
Spoken words became our path to speak out each other's heart,
For once upon a magical moment between a lad and a lass,
Two hearts suddenly beat the same rhythm and destined to never part.

Forgive me for being a thief- always stealing a glance of you,
Just can't help it to look to such an angel and thank God for sending me one,
Sweet smiles of a sweet, angelic face- what a nice view,
It makes me fall in love with you every second, my man!

I know it's not a perfect world, we're not perfect, it's not a perfect relationship we have,
But God assures us that he will never leave us and so won't I,
God assures it will be a happy journey for us, my love,
Our love will be a lifetime flower which will never die.

© 2019 Christle Caparas

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