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The Love of a Man and a Woman

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The Difference between the Love of a Man and a Woman


When a woman drowns in love

They are not on the lips,

She lays them on the eyelids.

Not in her chest

there is love in their beats

She decorates the beautiful garden

with the colourful leaves of dedication.

When a man drowns in

a woman's love

It probably doesn't sink,
Finds love in her body.

A luscious touch makes his mind happy
It doesn't matter about her heart

and her heart's affection
It escapes by touching like the waves.

The difference between the love

of man and woman is only that thing

If one is innocent

then the story of the other is mature.

But when it happens,

why the difference between them

The love of one is like

the level of the ground,

then why the other is like the sky.

In this, the dignity of one is violated,

while the other runs proudly in the society



BHARAT BHUSHAN KUMAR (author) from SITAMARHI on April 08, 2021:

thanks Sir!!

manatita44 from london on April 08, 2021:

An interesting and thought-provoking piece

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