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The Life of Mr. Common

We all have different view's when it comes , to life in general . Now with this poem I go deep into the pessimist's , view of life.


"The life of Mr Common"

Yes life is unfair.

Yet we are all privileged to , 24hrs in a day and 12 months in a year.

Yes life is really unfair.

Yes this is how I view my life.

While others living in success ville daily thrive.

I sit back live my own only to survive.

Yes it is "I" , who succumb to mediocrity.

Who feeds his mind thoughts of inferiority

Who does not believe in the fairy of superiority.

I have experience and fact's to prove it .

Me who prepares for a battle in life ,

not to win , but only to loose it.

Then I conclude with phrases like ,"I knew I couldn't do it"

Me who's head is forever bowed never chin up.

Yes me the first on the ground , Eveready to give up.

I who has something to say , defeated by stammering and nervousness never speak up.

Me when life calls I never pick up.

Who uses phrases like , "I don't have time I will do it next time "

"Now is not the right time "

"Next time will be the perfect time "

I the farmer who once planted seed's, never fertilized or cultivated

the land and never harvested any crop.

I who enjoys the company of the majority slaves to poverty ,

because we believe " its lonely at the top"

I who once read , never practiced rejected the advice

given in great books like ",The Hustlers Bible"

or Zig Ziglars "See You at The Top"

I'm giving each of you a piece of my mind ,

because I rarely use it .

The man who see's the opportunity, but never seize it.

So fearful of success that I am accustomed to defeat.

My undesired results in life I blame my parents.

My predicaments in life, I blame the government's .

Yes life is really unfair.

By :S . K. Nzuza


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