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The Last Minute

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Last minute...



The most familiar place yet she forgets what's in its place.

At the last minute seeing the mirror to see everything is in its perfect place,

the mascara on her eyes perfectly laid, the lipstick she just applied was perfect for her face.

Perfume that filled the room with sweet fragrance.

Suddenly remembering she forgot to comb her hair, she hunts for her comb,

And she calls out loud enough for the whole house to hear what she is searching for ..

She calls MOM!!!! Have you seen my comb???? She continues her search, she curses the bright sunny morning for giving her a bad day.

As her younger sister comes inside the room she yells at her for no reason

And again one last search she finds the comb that is right in front of her nose.

She laughs and says Oh here it is silly me!!!

Acting mad in the morning and a final look

She finishes and grabs her bag, and turns off the light,

And in utter silence and tension everyone looks at her as she gives them one of her innocent smiles and waves them goodbye, and rushes off to work!

© 2021 Daniel R

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