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The Last Day The Last Time

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The End Of 2021

There is so much that happened

So many events we want to remember

Then there are a lot of times we will do anything to forget

We can never do enough of either

So as we head into January

We have to deal with reality

Like so many years before

We can only do so much

I turned to my wife just this morning

She was upset and crying

I asked her what was the matter

She couldn't tell me

She honestly didn't know

I think trying to take it all in

Became overwhelming

I told her to slow down

We don't have to deal with it all

Just one day at a time

My wife watches the news

As destructive wild fires in Colorado

The winds make it the perfect environment

No matter what we are dealing with

How do we compare with other people's troubles

Boston is going to be the warmest year on record

Since 1873

For the past ten years it has been getting warmer and warmer

They say it is because of climate change

i don't know enough

I do know I have to do what I have always done

Go to work

Take care of my family

I am so blessed

To be able to live another day

The important thing is what have we learned from life?

It is always changing

Today will be different from tomorrow

Tomorrow will be different from the following year

We should learn to celebrate the good

Take the bad and let it go

It served it purpose

It happened and there was little we could do

Come closer to the people we love

Let them know how we feel

Take a breath of fresh air

Be thankful for all we have

Then do the best we can

© 2021 DREAM ON