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The Lady and Her Box


The lady and Her Box

Here the story I heard

That chill my bone

With every spoken word

Enough to spook you in dark night alone

The story I heard from a friend

Of “The lady and her box”

Will you read it till the end?

Or stop it when the real fear pops?

It is the lone dark night

With no moon and stars above

A man returning in his car from forbidden site

The site where no one returns alive

The entire road was small and barren

Waiting for awful things to happen

Howls of wolves from distant forest was loud

And the silence inside the car was quite aroused

The forest was getting denser

And so the blare of man’s fear

He speeded the car

With all deadly thoughts of queer

Until he saw a lady

With focusing his vision hazy

And presses the brake with his legs shaky

She was standing in the middle of the road

With a child holding her hand

They both started walking ahead

Chills in man’s body now overflowed

The white yet dirty stained clothes of the lady

Is frightening

The hairs of her is black long and wavy

The child with her has messy clothes

As if mud and dirt stuck on those

And the hair was tied in high bun

It looked tangled and not so nicely done

The man in car was cautiously looking them

While wiping all the sweat that came

Lady and the child,

Both started waking towards the roadside

They stopped in-front of the box

Like they shared some talks

The lady suddenly place her hand over the child’s bun

And with one slight push the child collapses in the box like there’s none

The man in car was spooked

Everything he saw started to play in looped

The lady slowly turns her head towards the man

And with a weird smile she vanished with the box than

The man was completely frozen

With the fear and it’s notion

He again speeded the car aimlessly

And outrageously

Until he saw a streetlight

Of the town alight

- Srushti Gamit


She couldn’t help but smile back at me.

There wasn’t enough of her face left to hide her teeth.

- Horrorphiles

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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