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The Kids Poem E-Book

Updated on October 28, 2017

The grass under foot..........

Something touch when I roam,

I found it always around my home,

the wet and green that gave soft touch,

mom says that walking gives bright to eyes much.

Something remain there under my foot,

of it has long roots,

it is easy to walk on this,

my mom identified it as grass.

The work will be boring if you do not let this world enjoys you,

the same work will be easy when you feel this whole world and its pleasures.

The grandma...........

I remember the face of her,

who was my grandmother,

slightly bend light in eyes, white hairs and fairy smile,

who can't see me helpless for while,

in white Saree she always seen,

around my house she always been,

never she shout at me,

everytime to make me happy there was she.

Everytime and everyday I remember those who makes me happy and my day perfect.

The tree shelter.......

When me and my friends in vacation days,

ars playing under the sun rays,

the banyan tree was there,

to take us like mother's care.

We make mud house under tree,

from the hot sun we were free.

The cool wind was blowing,

on that tree we had made swing.

The day pass under that shadow,

we were helping others tree to grow,

to let the other kids play like us,

we had grow various tree thus.

The ice-cream uncle....

one uncle who always came in our village,

who served us ice-cream without any wage.

Ice cream of mango, pineapple ,guava and orange,

made us delight to eat me and my friends.

We eat ice-cream and the uncle looks at us,

the uncle's condition was worst.

He was a poor and Ill person,

but even then he made us fun.

After twenty years he had gone to city,

we had gave him house and some money for pity.

© 2017 Ritik Singh


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