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The Secrecy and Fear

Philosophy vlogger, painter, poetry writer, dog lover. I write for my self, i'm happy to share it with you.


Birds are chanting, sun is shining, it isn't a typical day,

there's something odd with the sun or it's just me?

The scent of glacial morning I always love,

an ancient classical played on repeat from the next room, still soothing.

On white dress barefoot as I was heading downstairs,

reflection of the sunlight flickering from the windows.

Stared silently as I stood in front of my mum's room,

she looks happy with her new man, i muttered.

She saw me existing a very long time ago, a thought came out, out of the blue.

I persist forging ahead.

As I reached the front door, a wintry breeze suddenly sloshed on my face,

the sky looks languishing, the sun is concealing.

This place still the same, giant waves splashing, shades of dark and blue thundering,

waves can be heard on the top of the hill where I was lost in wonder.

Hey dad, i wore the white dress you gave me, in hopeless heart, injured and in so much pain, yes they betrayed me.

I was wondering if you'll do the same.