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The Hype of a Lifetime


The life of a wife

The hype of a life

The joy you will find

Will bind yours to her life

A feeling you cannot tell

Neither to be for sale.

But when you become of old

Your off-springs bound to be bold

That feeling should be told

Of how your wife, your life

With her grandeur and beauty of the marigold

A heart so pure, full of priceless joy and gold

Overwhelmed with debility to your mind

When days of youth, led you to her heart to be found

The life of a wife!

The infinite promise of love

The pride of proclaiming I have

The endless mindless heartfelt giggles of love

The whispers, touch and sensual caresses

The unapologetic stare, daze and getting lost in her eyes

Eyes laden with the intelligence of a dove

Laden with the innocence of lust and unconditional love

Is all but the hype of a life

Nothing but the life of a wife.

© 2019 Jack Walter

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