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The Hardening of My Heart

My past has run into my present like a wall of clouds,

Surrounded by memories sound, but unpleasant,

Tortured by these feelings, in which my emotions disavow,

Muddled for as long as I have been present in each second,

Time slows for no one, especially while the world performs its continuous version of beauty and the beast,

Even when the colors meet, and nature sleeps,

No living thing has assurance of peace, only hope to be,

Love has always been the most wanted, looked upon even when there was no way to see,

A heart will always beat, because it detects love we can't always see,

With time it will bleed and it will heal,

Until it's beat can no longer be felt in the trees or across the sea,

It will harden ultimately, and no longer be mistaken as the key to life.

© 2017 Along with the wind


Along with the wind (author) from colorado on November 16, 2017:

Thanks Jahid Juwel!

Jahid Juwel from Bangladesh on November 15, 2017:

Very Nice poem

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