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That Day

Aleah is a student of Bachelor of Arts major in Multimedia Arts at Lyceum of the Philippines University

That Day

We were friends that day

But we used to be lovers

I thought it’s going back

‘Cause we acted different that day

You treated me as if we’re lovers

You took good care of me that day

They said action speaks louder than words

But for me? I don’t think so

The happiness I felt got me distracted

We’re supposed to be just friends

Yet we acted like we’re lovers

But everything changed the next day

Everyone thought we’re together again

Because of what happened that day

But none of us knew

It will be just on that day

Thinking about it today

Maybe we are meant to be friends

‘Cause no matter how hard we try

We are never gonna get back together

© 2019 Aleah Eustaquio

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