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The Hanging Skeleton

The hanging skeleton found randomly through a cracked door.

The Hanging skeleton


The hanging skeleton with no face

Or no name that was found randomly

Throw a cracked door that some person decided to sneak through

The house was the last house on the Left on the darkest Dead end road

Inside that room was cold and dark but somehow I felt like I wasn't the only one there

Looking at the hanging skeleton my thoughts begin to race and all my emotions begin to lose control

I started to touch the skeleton started to feel on the skeleton then looking down by the skeletons feet I saw a note

The note with one word I picked up the note and I blew off the dust

That covered it entirely in that one word was wrote with black paint and big letters and it said free

Only one word free my mind started to spin then I heard my mother calling my name I ran out the room and closed The crack door entirely

After locking it from the inside and then I ran home but I kept the letter with me one word free.


© 2021 Ajamblr ajamblr

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