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The Guiltless


His charming smile enticed me,

And I couldn't feel frightened anymore,

Bamping into him by accident,

Was a blessing in waiting like a curse,

From the ones whose blood

Ran in our veins.

He looked descent from his dressing,

A gentleman not to touch

A lady unaccepted,

"Sorry miss. My thoughts have just touched

The skys, and am learning to land."

His deep voice vibrated into my heart,

And I forgot my feet he stepped and hurt.

Picking the dropped documents shyly

I try to hide my face from him.

My jijab covering half of my face .

Drawing his attention to mind on me.

Like a baby on her first steps ,

I pick myself to walk away,

Agitated by my looks,

He walks me out of the airport way,

Leading to my taxi.

He notices am a Muslim,

While he a devoted Christian,

Mine eyes charm him,

For he has seen a beautiful angel about to leave.

Feelings transform us carefully,

And love touches our hearts.

We Wait, and fearfully hope that tomorrow

Will let us be,

That tomorrow Will let us be.

Soon my heart beats for him,

But religion does not allow the

Love birds, fly away in the sky,

And express their long awaited love,

But religion detests it all.

Together in secret we part our blood,

And far away we go,

Never to be seen again, only if fate permits,

For a love lost, is another love gained.

© 2021 Millicent Okello

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