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This Is Love

This is love!

Like empty chant she mutter repetitively

Over and over through the crack of her lips

Seething to the pain, hissing to the sound

Of her own bones cracking

Like his broken promise of happiness

She damp cotton balls to where it hurts the most

As she trace her fingers on the masterpiece of love

---His love

Patches of discoloration painted on her skin

So colorful but never been beautiful

This is love!

Once again, her tongue turn on the words

Similar to swallowing a never ending rope

Pigmented with thorns

Cutting her as it goes deeper and deeper

And days came darker and darker

This is love!

She isn't convincing the world anymore

But convincing herself that love hurts

Another blow slam on her gut

Clawing her inside- so painful

She lost herself for a long minute

While she watch his lips open and close

Without hearing the words came out

Those lips reminding how she was once loved

His hands so big, she used to believe she's safe and protected

Not till she realized taking it would be a life sentence

The ring once sweetly reminds her of the happiest day

Becomes a burning cuff binding her life in hell

A prison she enter for believing this is marriage

But rather, a place of hundrend different gallotine

A place made to capture and torture naive souls

Disguised s promise paradise

Again and again, he hit her for another hundred of times

Pushing her to believe that love is a curse

That all the fairytales she used to believe are all lie

That love is not love

But death disguised so beautifully

© 2020 Lara Barrios

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