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Poem: The Genetic King.

Writer on Hubpages and Harvard School of Public Health Alumni


A poem about the genetic king.

I. Behold, a Dion

A top of the mountain of desire

Adonis hold speed!

A statute molded of me.

Of course, bodily attire

Our faithful desire

of human course.

Let faith guide us

I am glee

An embodiment of human development,

a physical specimen.

A Dion!

Behold, a Dion!


Thinking of biology,

I think of the Cell you see.

Not just a cell cycle will due

A bounded, infinite world inside a cell

A living complexity of molecular study

Not organismic you see

It is called biology

A molecular dream of seemingly endless pathways

All taken seamlessly

In biology we trust and believe

However, the gene still reigns supreme

We call it the Genetic King!

Or as the Lord of the Microbes might call it fondly

A plasmid’s transfer

A deciding factor in all that we see,

Call it the Genetic King, please

A cell division splendid

A mutation that renders something different

Something different than the Genetic King

This my poem when thinking of Biology

III. The Genetic King

The Gene fears the quality feelings of trepidation

as it descends from another

only to pass not only itself

The Gene can transcend any other feelings

As the ruler, from a steel riven point

Not enough about him, just a man

Confounded in his ways

Simply a calling he provided for other people

No condition, however, genes rule

The eminence of an alternate kind

A divine right of yours and mine

If you don't mind, take me to your lord!

Your leader! Who will it be?

All must witness

but Genes reign supreme

It ought to be the the Lord of the Microbes

More plentiful and diligent than mankind

They rule or reign supreme

What's more, this will consistently be a universe of

To the extent the eye can see

Take me to your ruler, the microorganisms, kindly

IV. Lord of the Microbes.

No condition, but the genes govern

the radiant right of yours and mine

a boundless, boundless world within a cell

but the gene still reigns supreme

we call it the Genetic King! We call it the Genetic King!

if you don't mind, take me to your lord! it's your pioneer! Who will it be?

it ought to be the Lord of the microbes

more bountiful and more vigilant than mankind

they're ruling! Regardless of whether they be caring

likewise, this is reliably going to be a world of microbes

insofar as the eye can see and long after me

kindly, take me to your ruler, the microorganisms

© 2021 Michael Mannen