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The four seasons

Kulsum Afia is my pen name. I am currently doing my MD residency. I write only on topics that inspire me. Hope you enjoy my work !

Entangled threads of emotion,

Like pictures sans caption,

Can translate to imagination wild,

The passionate or the mild,

Like the fallen leaves of autumn piled,

My day looks bleak up until you smiled.

Seasons change,

And then comes spring,

Bringing with it beautiful flowers so strange,

And exotic birds on the wing,

Much like a few of our exchange(s).

The cold of the winter,

Drives through the heart,

Like a splinter.

The chill of the words unsaid,

Broken by the warmth of the tear shed,

Like the snow outside spread,

And the fire in the fireplace dead.

And then comes summer.

All is forgiven and forgotten,

With a warm evening supper,

Where warmer embraces happen,

As the daffodils bloom and blossom,

A word of caution –

The days of sunshine,

Will be interspersed with rain,

We will weather the storms,

Time and again,

Like the four seasons that come and go,

But never in vain.

© 2018 Kulsum Afia

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