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The Flaw in Time

Retired counselor, 341 short stories published by FSU. I have 4 sons, love sharing photography, writing, love travel, sunshine, sea & Grace.

In time

shall I ever see you with her
and watch as you take her hand
to have and to hold
for this life span at least
shall I endure this?

In time

shall I see a son
marching proudly in your footsteps
shall I see your face reflected
(as only sons to fathers can)
shall I endure this?

In time

there is always a flaw; a time-warp...
(a deja vu we are momentarily aware of)
where, you and I live deeply in love
shall I ever be able to leave this?

In time

should I ever see you with her
don't panic, or rush through the nearest door
I'll use my discretion
and quietly disappear...
through the flaw...

In time.

Helen Lewis

© 2010 Helen Lewis

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